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Following an undying passion for Horses, Carin Park was established late in 2007 as a Boutique Spelling and Agistment Property. My experience with horses ranged from Breeding, Showing and Judging all varied breeds.

Carin Park has gone through a lot of changes since was first established but I am now focused on being the best by far Boutique Spelling property and offer services to clients second to none.

The property comprising of 70 acres and location was selected due to its uniqueness but mainly its situation in Victoria being able to grasp breeders from South Australia as well as a huge proportion of Victoria.  It also has Volcanic soil over limestone and rainfall to go with it thus producing quality feed which in turn produces a quality specimen. This part of Victoria is well renowned for growing out high quality stock of any breed.

Carin Park is one of its kind here and away from the throng of Studs in other parts of Victoria and attracts clients from all over Australia.

A great deal of time was spent setting the property out and safety for the horse was paramount.  This reflects in all our fencing and only horse safe fencing and gates are used on ALL of the property.

We are only in our infancy in this industry but our hearts and soul are into producing a quality thoroughbred that performs on the racetrack and makes it mark in the Australian Thoroughbred racing Industry.


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Maggie Cumming

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7736 Port Fairy Rd,



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