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Duke De Niro II Rolled Bridle

Duke De Niro II Rolled Bridle

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The Duke De Niro II rolled bridle is so luxurious! It is handmade in top quality eco friendly buffalo leather, so you get a bridle that you can use for many many years.The browband is SO elegant with its 10mm Crystals.

The neckpad on this rolled bridle is a brand new design, where we have gone even further to avoid pressure on your horses neck. The neckpiece has a large contact surface who minimize pressure and is with a double layer of padding! This is one of the softest and most amazing neckpads you will find. The noseband at this bridle is our signature design and it is so beautiful. It is wide in the middle and narrow  in the ends, so it does not press on the nerves and there is plenty of space for your bit. The noseband itself is SO soft!

No reins are included.


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