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Carin Park

RID'UP Plus Stirrups

RID'UP Plus Stirrups

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- Patented "Look" automatic release system at the buckle. The stirrup disengages from the stirrup leather during certain falls, while remaining intact, to reduce the risk of being dragged.



- Natural inclination of the floor by an ideal angulation and positioning of the foot relieving the joints.

- Vibration and shock absorption thanks to the high performance TPE sole under the rigid floor.

- Perpendicular buckle for easy fitting and allows the stirrup strap to lie flat on the saddle quarter.


- Dynamic compensation system by absorbing movement through the rotation of the buckle, providing greater stability and fixity.


- Optimal grip thanks to the wide, bevelled floor that relieves the flat of the foot.

- Ideal grip with 2 rows of steel studs for complete grip.

- Optimized weight for performance (440 grams/clip).

- Floor width: 12cm

- No minimum weight for the rider

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