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Carin Park

Romanov Rolled Bridle

Romanov Rolled Bridle

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Our Romanov rolled bridle is a perfect combination of hand-sewn elegance, anatomical fit and sustainable design. We are particular about the details of each and every design, and this bridle is no exception. It has been created with consideration for the horse and the rider and gives exceptional comfort, style and functionality.

The new neck strap on the Romanov bridle has a thick layer of memory foam. Why is it so good?

Memory foam is a type of foam that has unique qualities. What makes memory foam special is its ability to adapt and relieve pressure. One of the most important qualities of memory foam is its pressure-relieving ability. When a horse wears a bridle, there can be pressure and strain on the neck. Memory foam can help reduce this pressure significantly by distributing the pressure evenly across the surface.


Memory foam is constructed from a material that is sensitive to body weight and heat. When the horse's neck comes into contact with memory foam, the foam reacts by softening and molding to the horse's contours. This creates a custom fit that minimizes pressure points and prevents discomfort and irritation.


Another unique feature of memory foam is its ability to return to its original shape when pressure is removed. This is also called the "memory effect". When the bridle is removed from the horse, the memory foam will slowly return to its original shape and ready to adapt again for the next use. This ability ensures that the neck strap is always ready to provide optimal comfort and support for your best friend so that he/she can perform optimally regardless of discipline and level.


We look after the earth.
Our sustainable leather is carefully selected to reduce the environmental impact and preserve our planet. It is organically tanned and that means without the use of chemicals. At the same time, it offers exceptional durability and aesthetics. By choosing a SD bridle, you get a quality bridle that will last for many, many years.


Small but dedicated brand.
Every detail of our Romanov rolled bridle is hand-stitched with care and expertise. Our small brand is dedicated to delivering high quality in every bridle. We are meticulous about the details to ensure that our bridles are unique and meet the highest standards. This rolled bridle is adorned with a completely unique SD browband. It adds a touch of elegance and completes the sophisticated design.


No reins included.


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